NRL May to Take Grand Final Away from ANZ During 4 Year Renovations


Source: Jonathan Carroll

The NRL Grand Final is set to be sold to the highest bidder from 2019 to 2022 when ANZ stadium is being renovated.  Queensland and Victoria are expected to make a bid for the Grand Final.  Allianz Stadium is also an option.

“The offer is on the table,”  Victorian sports minister John Eren told Channel Seven. “If you want a successful event where we will get over 90,000 attending and hopefully break another crowd record, I’d have it right here in Melbourne.”

“During the transition, there’s not a strong appetite from us to be playing in construction,” Greenberg said. “We’ll have to have a look at that. We’ll talk first and foremost to the NSW government about those sorts of challenges. There will be some challenges during the transition phase but that’s part of getting to the much bigger picture. We’ve got lots of great content that a number of state governments are looking for and we’re happy to continue those talks.”