Cameron Smith Slams NRL Schedule


Source: News Corp Australia

Cameron Smith has slammed the NRL schedule, saying his sides 5 day turnaround may have been responsible for their poor showing against the Newcastle Knights.

“It is tough and we’ve been saying this for a long time now,” Smith said of the five days between games.

“It’s taken a couple of Sydney teams to get a rough trot for people to stand up and take notice.

“Maybe because we are down here we are out of sight out of mind.”

“We had two five day turnarounds last year leading into a finals series,” Smith protested.

“That’s just ridiculous. Craig and I bought it up after the second game against the Broncos and we were told to shut our mouths and get on with it as everyone has got to do it.

“Maybe it had a little bit to do with how we played today and maybe it didn’t but I think it did.”

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