Golden Try Under Consideration for NRL Finals


There are discussions that a Golden Try will be adopted for extra time in NRL Finals which means getting rid of the traditional Golden Point.

Do you like this proposed change?

“The competition committee were very strong on golden point staying as it is for the regular season, so we are only talking about looking at it potentially for the finals and the grand final,” Greenberg said.

“We gave the competition committee a whole heap of information about golden point, we sort of benchmarked ourselves compared to lots of other sports both here and abroad and it was good for us to analyse what other sports do.

“We looked at what the NFL do, and it would be like one of our teams catching the ball from the kickoff in golden point and kicking a field goal in that first set. The other team would get their right of reply but if the team scored a try off the first set the game would be over.

“There won’t be any recommendation to the commission about golden point at this stage but it’s good to see that we are exploring all the other options.”