Sam Burgess Reveals Why he Returned to the NRL


Sam Burgess has opened up about his decision to depart Rugby Union and return to the NRL with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“My decision to leave Bath and move back to Australia was for personal reasons, but it was also because I wanted to spend the rest of my career playing the game that’s in my heart,” Burgess said.

“It was tough going in to see Mike (Ford, Bath’s head coach) to ask to be released from my contract. I know I have disappointed some of the players and fans at Bath. I completely understand why they would feel that way. I am sorry for the fact that I’ve left a hole in that team

“But the way I explained it was that my heart just isn’t in it, and if my heart’s not in it then they won’t get the best performances from me. Either way, I’m doing the wrong thing, so I thought I would be a man about it, go in, be honest with them and see if we could sort something out that worked for both parties.”

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