Kurt Gidley Wins Danny Buderus Medal


Kurt Gidley has won the Danny Buderus Medal, Player of the Year Award in 2015.

Other Awards:


NRL Player of the Year Award- Kurt Gidley

NRL Players’ Player Award- Kade Snowden

NRL Coaches Award- Dane Gagai

Once a Knight Old Boys Gladiator of the Year Award- Jeremy Smith

Clubman of the Year Award- Jarrod Mullen

Rookie of the Year- Tyler Randell


NYC Coaches Award- Daniel Saifiti

NYC Players’ Player Award- Fuaimamao Uta

NYC Player of the Year Award- Ken Tofilau

NSW Cup:

NSW Cup Coaches Award- Kerrod Holland

NSW Cup Players’ Player Award- Honeti Tuha

NSW Cup Player of the Year Award- Lachlan Fitzgibbon

Life Membership:

Awarded to longstanding Club official Warren Smiles.

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