Mitchell Dodds to Leave Broncos


Mitchell Dodds will depart the Brisbane Broncos at the end of the 2015 season to link up with Super League Club Warrington Wolves on a 1 year contract.

“We are delighted with the signing of Mitchell. He’s played a big part in the Broncos’ team this year.

“He’s played most of his games off the bench and they are in there fighting for a title as we speak. We need that sort of experience coming into our squad.

“He is a no-nonsense hard-hitting prop forward who is probably best known for his defensive efforts; we need to strengthen in that area as it’s probably not been our strongest year defensively.

“He’s got some of the experience needed to tighten us up down the middle. He’s a terrific young player who is keen to have a new experience and bring his wares to Super League.”

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