Jamie Soward Suspects KFC Conspiracy


Penrith Panther Jamie Soward believes KFC and the NRL have an agreement to send more decisions upstairs to provide KFC with more exposure.  Soward has nicknamed the conspiracy theory as ‘chicken time’.

Do you agree with Soward?

“We were playing the Bulldogs and it was just at the end and Bryce Cartwright scored right in front of the ref and he went up to see if he grounded it. I said ‘oh, mate. You were a metre away. You’re just going up to see if it’s chicken time’,” the Panthers star said.

“We just want the referee to make a call. Like, Gavin Badger, although he’s out there and he’s got this horrendous beard at the moment, which no one likes, he just makes a call and you sort of run with it.

“You get some and you don’t get some. They just seem to be going up there for every try and it takes away the emotion of, when you score a great try all your fans go up and then they’ve got to check it.”