Ex-Sydney Roosters CEO Bernie Gurr: NRL Should Publish Salaries of Players

The North Queensland Cowboys v Canberra Raiders from 1300 Smiles Stadium.  Cowboys after a Raiders try.   Picture: Zak Simmonds

Former Sydney Roosters CEO Bernie Gurr believes the NRL should publish the salaries of players and to pay them out of the NRL head office to ensure the salary cap isn’t rorted.

Do you agree with Gurr’s idea?

“The NRL should be a clearing house for all contracts and third-party agreements,” Gurr said.   So if a club negotiates a contract and a manager negotiates a TPA, both of those are lodged with the league. The player and manager would sign a stat dec saying the only money the player got was the money that was with the contract and TPA lodged with the NRL.

“That’s bringing added accountability to the player because they then have to say ‘all the money I’ve got has come via the NRL’. Then if there is anything shady outside of that they will be loath to be a part of that because they’ve signed a stat dec saying the only money they got was via the NRL. That will really pull the players into the loop because they always throw up their hands and say ‘I didn’t know what was going on’.”

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