Andrew Fifita Accused of Physically Threatening Junior Referee


Cronulla Sharks Forward Andrew Fifita has been accused of physically threatening a referee at a junior rugby league match.

It has been reported that 3 volunteers had to restrain Andrew Fifita as he told the young referee “I’ll smash you.” due to an incident involving his brother David Fifita.  David Fifita was filling in as an on field trainer for the junior rugby league match and alleged sworn and abused the junior referee as he did not stop the match for an injured player.

“Andrew Fifita observed me recording the incident,” the referee said in his statement.

”Andrew Fifita looked at me, walked inside the roped off area, and said stop recording that now.

“I stepped back and said we’re in a public place and I’m well within my rights.

“Andrew then said, ‘delete that now or I’ll smash you.’

“While saying that, Andrew Fifita charged at me and attempted to snatch my mobile phone which I had in my right hand.

“Numerous people intervened and held Andrew Fifita back, preventing him from grabbing my mobile. He made me feel very threatened and uncomfortable.”

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