Manly Tell 14 Players They are Unwanted for 2016 Season


Manly Sea Eagles are on the verge of conducting a massive clean out similar to that of the Parramatta Eels. It has been reported that 14 current Manly players have been told they are unwanted for the 2016 season which is believed to include Luke Burgess, Feleti Mateo, Willie Mason, Josh Starling, Justin Horo and Coach Geoff Toovey.

What players do you think will form part of the clean out?

“We’ve known for some weeks that at some point Toovey was going to get tapped on the shoulder,” Kent said.

“What’s going on behind the scenes is that Toovey has got a contract for next season, he’s got bonuses built into that contract, and Manly have lowballed him and said ‘look, here’s a payout figure’.

“Out of respect for Geoff Toovey no one has gone public with it. There has to be a payout figure organised.

“Manly will deny it but it will happen.