The Harsh Reality of Rugby League – Michael Bani


The harsh reality of Rugby League is, not everyone can be as blessed as Cameron Smith or Greg Inglis.  Many fall short for numerous reasons – injury, lack of skill, lack of dedication, stuff ups with the law, the list goes on…

Aged 30, played a total of 47 1st grade games for the Manly Sea Eagles and North Queensland Cowboys. Who remembers, Michael Bani?

Check out as Michael Bani writes about the struggles as he attempts to resccurect his NRL career.  His blog also provides great insight into his pre-NRL, NRL and post-NRL career.

Michael Bani tells his journey.

“I for one admit that I wasn’t the best Rugby League player going around. All I saw was a window of opportunity and took it without hesitation. That was the big difference between me and someone who was much better but never seemed to get there. Oh there were days when I really committed myself to train hard so I could achieve my goals and days when training was hard all I wanted to do was quit. But 47 NRL games, playing for 2 clubs and alongside some of the world’s best players, winning the QLD Cup with Northern Pride in 2010, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.” says Bani