Paul Gallen: QLD are Arrogant and Use Grubby Tactics


NSW Blues Captain Paul Gallen has labelled the Queensland Maroons as arrogant and utilises grubby tactics in order to win Origin games.

“Billy is planning on having surgery on Thursday,” Gallen said.

“That’s a sign where they think their team is at. They think they are going to get this win and win the series. Billy will have surgery and the rest of the year off. It’s a little bit disrespectful to us.

“Sitting here talking about it is cheap. We have to get the win and shut him out for the rest of the year.”

“When Josh Morris is laying on the ground and Billy Slater drops a shoulder – little stuff like that,” Gallen said.

“We aren’t going out there to play dirty. I’m not out there to play dirty but we won’t be taking a backward step. If those tactics come into the game I’m sure our boys will be up to it.”